Woman booking an interpreter via Skiwo's open marketplace on her laptop

We are proud to announce that Norway’s first online open marketplace for interpreters “Skiwo” has seen the light of day. Our focus from day one has been the people who would use Skiwo, both the interpreters and customers. But also the people who need an interpreter to tell their story. Be it a refugee, a patient, or a business traveller.

Having talked and listened to both sides we noticed that each had their sets of issues in today’s market. Thus we built a transparent and open platform that will benefit them in many ways. For example: Skiwo lets interpreters set their price and add qualifications. In addition interpreters have direct access to assignments they are qualified for and are able to chat directly with customers. Public companies such as hospitals, the immigration office, or the police are required to hire professional interpreters who have passed their qualifications. Making sure that they have a say on who they hire will be a huge benefit for the public.

We are committed to improve the service of the site, by listening to our users and by adding more feature in the up-and-coming weeks to give you the smoothest experience possible.

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