Are you an interpreter? Would you like to set your own fee and work from anywhere? If you answered yes to both of these questions, being an interpreter on Skiwo is for you!

Skiwo is an open digital platform where businesses can seek interpreters for their communication needs, and where interpreters can offer their services for hire. We are looking to help organisations, such as the police, medical facilities, and refugee camps, to be able to communicate directly with individuals who do not speak the local language.

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When you work as an interpreter using Skiwo, you set your own price and your own hours. You can also choose what jobs you want to apply for, and skip those you don’t. Bear in mind that, depending on your language skills, we cannot always guarantee job postings for every language. Availability can change depending on what languages are needed at any particular time. Typically languages, such as Syrian Arabic to any European language, are in high demand.

Once you’ve finished helping someone be understood, you may wonder: “Now I need to send my customer an invoice. But how do I do that?” With Skiwo’s automated platform, you won’t have to worry about learning how to invoice for your jobs — we’ll take care of that for you! We make it a point to ensure that it’s easy to find and complete your interpretation jobs.

If we’ve sparked your interest in becoming an interpreter with Skiwo, click the link below to become part of our Early Access Program. You can be on the ground floor of an innovative new way for businesses and interpreters to find each other.

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