Finding a good interpreter is a lengthy, difficult process. This is especially true in the many areas of the world where interpretation services are at a premium due to an influx of immigrants, refugees and new citizens. Even after you’ve decided on someone, there remains the lengthy processes of setting the terms of the contract, agreeing on a time and place, arranging transportation, and setting up the technology involved, all of which drive up the costs and delay the interpretation task further.

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Skiwo commits itself to providing an all-in-one interpretation process that is as smooth as possible for governments and businesses. Finding an interpreter is a simple task with our open digital platform, which allows you to post assignments for any interpreter to apply. You can also post private assignments targeted to those individuals who prove a great fit for the task at hand.

Once you’ve hired your choice of interpreter, you can complete the interpretation session itself through our website, video conferencing system or phone number. Callers can dial from anywhere in the world using whichever method is most convenient, whether it’s via phone, web browser, Skype for Business, or an existing video system. We also provide the option of in-person interpretation. And for sessions that must remain totally private over video or phone, choose a “hub assignment” where the interpreter will be joining from a private booth in Skiwo’s office hub.

After the call, we charge your credit card automatically, or if you have opted for invoicing, we will send you an invoice once a month for the completed assignments. Managing your transactions is also easy in Skiwo – billed and upcoming transactions are all listed for you to see so there’s no surprises.

In this era of globalisation, the need for interpretation professionals will only become greater. Skiwo connects you directly with a pool of interpreters, sorted by language and certification levels. Manage your interpretation bookings easily with Skiwo.

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