Interpretation over video is fast and easy. Using video to run your interpretation assignments means you can work from home, save on travel time and schedule more assignments. With Skiwo, interpretation assignments can be conducted right in your web browser, on your phone using our mobile app, or even from SIP-enabled video systems that hospitals and large businesses use. Video sessions are a very similar experience to being there in person, as Skiwo’s high-quality video service delivers great picture quality and crystal clear sound.

Woman looking at screen with interpreter for video interpretation assignment

Here’s how it works: Once a video session is confirmed, Skiwo sends meeting instructions on how to attend. Five minutes before the meeting, all participants receive an SMS/e-mail reminder with a direct link to the virtual meeting room. All you have to do to attend your meeting is click.

Skiwo provides three ways to access the session:

  • From a web browser via Skiwo’s desktop website
  • From Lync (also known as Skype for Business)
  • From a mobile phone via Skiwo’s mobile app

On your laptop or home computer, you can use a web browser or Lync, and you can access the meeting by simply opening the link Skiwo sent you or visiting directly. On an android phone or tablet you can download the Skiwo app for extra convenience and then enter the meeting. Skiwo will soon launch an iPhone/iPad app as well, giving you even more ways to attend your meetings.

The video assignment takes place in a virtual “meeting room” which all participants access through their Skiwo account. The meeting is protected with a pin code for the host and the guest, making sure only the right people can attend. For special cases where privacy is paramount, such as sensitive legal meetings, the interpreter can come in to use a secure and sound-proofed video room in Skiwo’s office hub for the session.

After the meeting, you have the opportunity to make comments and give us feedback on your experience.
That’s how quick and easy it is to hold interpretation sessions via video when you use Skiwo. Sign up for free.

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