Some interpretation sessions may require a level of confidentiality that virtual sessions may not provide. For example, if a medical or legal business has a meeting that needs to be very private.That’s why, in addition to Skiwo’s efficient solutions for providing interpretation services by video and phone, we can also offer private interpretation sessions via hub assignments. These assignments allow for privacy, are easy and quick to set up, and avoid the costs associated with bringing interpreters on-site from far away locations.

Female interpreter sitting in front of a computer ready for a private hub assignment

Hub assignments are just as easy to post as video and phone assignments. When confirmed, your chosen interpreter will attend the video meeting from a private booth in Skiwo’s office. In this way, we ensure the privacy of the meeting on the interpreter’s side. Additionally, as the interpreter is on our high-speed internet connection, errors and delays during the meeting are far less likely.

From your side, hub assignments work in the same way as regular Skiwo video meetings; we’ll notify you via SMS and email to confirm the assignment, and also five minutes before the session begins. The notification email contains different links to enter the meeting, corresponding to the three ways Skiwo offers for accessing the session:

  • Web browser: This is the most flexible method as you can enter the session using the device you prefer:
    desktop, phone and tablet.
  • Video conferencing: You can use your pre-existing video conference technology to attend the meeting.
    The notification email includes the meeting number and PIN to log in.
  • Skype for Business/Lync: Skiwo integrates very well with Skype for Business (also known as Lync).
    Similar to video conferencing, the notification email will not only contain the link but also the meeting number and the PIN to join the meeting.

For interpretation sessions that require a private and secure environment, hub assignments are a great solution.

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