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Skiwo offers a new way to manage your interpretation meetings all in one seamless experience. By establishing a global network for interpretation services, Skiwo connects interpreters directly with businesses, government agencies and individuals. This new approach leverages leading-edge video technology to provide seamless communication between interpretation service professionals and those needing their expertise.

In business, getting your point across is fundamental no matter what industry you are in. Professional interpreters ensure that your key message is received, surpassing language and cultural barriers. More than just translators, qualified interpreters have a deep understanding of the cultural background and viewpoint behind the language. This understanding can be vital in correctly communicating tone, facial expressions and gestures that may otherwise be misunderstood.

With Skiwo you can hire a professional interpreter to attend your business meeting or product demonstration, either virtually by real-time video access, or in-person. This can make the difference between a successful, lucrative outcome and a costly business trip.

Skiwo helps you to harness this expertise that can be so critical to your business dealings. Simply put, it’s a tool that helps you find interpreters and manage your bookings. It forms an open, digital marketplace where businesses can post what they need and a global pool of qualified interpreters can look for postings that match their specialised skills.

So, how does it work?

We have designed Skiwo to be very easy-to-use on almost any device, from your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can manage the whole process in one tool, from posting, booking an interpreter, holding the meeting, to payment and invoicing.

Simply sign up for free and you can post jobs straight away to get on-demand access to skilled interpreters. There is no minimum spend or obligation; just post and pay whenever you need an interpreter. To post, just outline your requirements. Depending on your needs, you can choose the type of meeting you want, from video or phone in a virtual meeting, or in-person. Additionally, you choose the language skills and level of qualification you need.

Using Skiwo’s high-quality video technology for virtual meetings helps keep your interpreting costs under control. Good quality video makes it seem like the interpreter is almost there in person so they are still able to detect subtle cultural nuances and interpret in a multi-disciplinary way. You can run video interpretation meetings in Skiwo on almost any device, or use your existing video systems as well. You won’t need to install or purchase anything else. In contrast with in-person meetings, video meetings allow you to pick the best interpreters from a wide, global pool rather than be limited to those available in your region. This method also cuts out the travel and accommodation costs you would normally pay to bring the interpreter on-site.

As part of the open marketplace design, you can ask interpreters to bid. Interpreters with matching skills will quickly respond. At a glance, you can see qualifications and rate, if requested, for each and pick the one that suits you. Simple and easy, without complex rate negotiations with third parties. You can send messages in Skiwo directly to an interpreter at any time to discuss details or notify them of changes.

Finally, Skiwo offers a streamlined payment solution, with options for monthly invoicing to save time and administrative hassles, or simple credit card payments.

Whatever type of interpretation meeting you need, you can manage everything from start to finish in Skiwo. Give it a try today for your interpretation needs, get your key message across clearly, and have more time to focus on driving your business forward.

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