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Norwegian Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDi)

TikkTalk verifies all information about education and authorisation based on the guidelines made by the Norwegian Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDi). IMDi grants a state certification letter to interpreters in Norway based on their test results. The test is held by Oslo and Akershus University College (HiOA). You can see the schedule for tests here.

Every country has their own nationally or regionally recognised exams for becoming an interpreter. There are many other tests and exams that are available in the interpretation services industry, but only IMDi can grant state authorisation in Norway, and the tests conducted by the Oslo and Akershus University College (HiOA) are the only nationally recognised exams for becoming an interpreter in Norway.

Interpreters in Norway can receive certifications from Level-1 to Level-5. This is done to divide formal qualifications.

All level 1-5 interpreters are authorised to perform interpretation assignments, although some assignments require the interpreters at the highest levels. In addition to this, there are courses for interpreters that work in specific sectors, like legal and medical interpretation.


If you are a business of a state organisation, TikkTalk recommends the use of certified professionals

Certified professionals are far better equipped than anyone else to provide interpretation services.Interpreters must follow a strict code of ethics and provide an interpretation that is completely neutral for both parties involved. Providing an interpretation service, whether simultaneous or consecutive, is not easy. It requires fluent native-like expertise in both languages, and in addition takes a significant amount of knowledge and training.

According to a report from the Norwegian Ministry of Children and Equality (BLD) there are 300 languages spoken in Norway, and according to there are certified interpreters for only 66 of those languages. TikkTalk allows uncertified interpreters to sign up on the platform, as there are simply not enough interpreters in Norway. If you are a bilingual or have passed a language course, or studied at university in a foreign language, please consider taking an education in interpretation and join the hundreds of certified interpreters in Norway.

If you have a certificate in interpretation or are taking an exam in interpretation, ask your exam-giver if they are “state authorised”.

As a neutral platform for direct booking of interpreters, TikkTalk allows users to choose on their own – but highly recommends that users choose certified professional interpreters, as only they have the necessary training to provide proper interpretation services.


Everyone who books an interpreter should know who they have booked

On TikkTalk, all information about the interpreter’s qualifications is visible on their profile. Just like LinkedIn or other popular websites where professionals can list their own qualifications, TikkTalk allows users to view necessary information about an interpreter before hiring them. TikkTalk provides a “direct booking” mechanism allowing customers to book the exact interpreter they would like to hire. TikkTalk provides a calendar service for Interpreters, and this allows customers to adjust their schedule to book the best interpreter for their needs.

If you have any questions about interpretation levels, please do not hesitate to contact us on our website, by telephone: +47 400 55 945 or email:

You can also contact Norwegian Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDi) or Oslo and Akershus University College (HiOA), if you would like to take the certification exams necessary for becoming a certified professional interpreter.




You can read more about the different levels here:

Level 1: Level 1 interpreters are state certified and has a degree in interpretation at university level.

Level 2: Level 2 interpreters has the same state certification as interpreters on level 1, but they do not have a degree in interpretation from an approved Norwegian university or university college.

Level 3: Level 3 interpreters has a degree in interpretation from an approved  Norwegian university or university college.

Level 4: Level 4 consists of state certified translators that has passed basic interpretation training. Interpreters at this level translate text and documents professionally. In addition, they have passed the course “Tolkens ansvarsområde (TAO)”. TAO provides a basic introduction to interpretation techniques and ethics.

Level 5: Level 5 consist of people that have basic  interpretation training. Interpreters at this level has passed Tospråklig test for potensielle tolker (ToSPoT) / Tospråktesten, in addition to TAO. ToSPoT was replaced by Tospråktesten in January 2017, and is now an oral language test held by HiOA. You can read more about Tospråktesten here.

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