Are you taking your driving licence and need an interpreter? Use TikkTalk!

Earlier this month, TikkTalk had a visit from The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) for inspection and approval of TikkTalk and our Safe Hub. The Safe Hub is a closed room where the interpreter sits during assignments. The NPRA was happy, and TikkTalk and the Safe Hub is now fully approved. That means that it is possible to use interpreters registered at TikkTalk for remote interpretation when taking the theory test at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office!

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TikkTalk and our Safe Hub is approved by The Norwegian Public Roads Administration for driving licence theory tests. The delegation from the NPRA with our Community Manager, Aman.

The Safe Hub exists to ensure that the interpretation session runs smoothly, without any interference. It also provides the interpreter and the client with a safe environment. The Safe Hub is sound proof and private, and protects all the potentially sensitive information that might be uncovered in the session. The Safe Hub is only used by one interpreter at the time, and the interpreter always follow a confidentiality code as well as the code of ethics for interpretation.


The video and telephone equipment used in the Safe Hub is of high quality and is compatible with the equipment used by the NPRA. The Safe Hub is also equipped with TikkTalk’s high quality video systems. Excellent internet connection provides high speed and smooth video connection, without any interference.


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TikkTalk is easy to use. If you are taking your driving license and need an interpreter, you can simply visit to publish an assignment. You can quickly set your requirements, type of assignment and type in other necessary information. The interpreters that fit your requirements will receive a notification and apply for the assignment. All you have to do is choose the best interpreter from the qualified applicants.


TikkTalk wants to help making it even better when using interpreters –  for both interpreter and driving licence candidate. Therefore, we are writing a terminology list containing specific terminology used in the process of taking a driving license. This make sure that all interpreters that are booked through TikkTalk are well-prepared for the assignment, and that they have solid knowledge of the words and phrases used in this particular field. This list gives the interpreter an even better starting point, and makes the assignment run more smoothly. This also gives both interpreter and candidate more security, as they know that the interpreter is fully up to date on all terminology. This list will be made in several different languages.

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TikkTalk wishes all driving licence candidates good luck!

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