TikkTalk is easy to use, which is why it can be integrated with your existing systems. TikkTalk is compatible with Skype for Business and Cisco, and it’s simple to start and run an interpretation session directly in your system using video or telephone. The TikkTalk system is built on well-known standards and because of that it is simple to integrate it with third-party solutions. Please contact us if you are interested in integrating TikkTalk with any other systems.

Here’s a few, brief instructions on how to integrate TikkTalk with Skype for Business and Cisco:


Skype for Business:

1. Go to the assignment page on tikktalk.com, or open the email confirmation, where you will find a link for Skype for Business.

2. Press the link. It takes you straight to Skype for Business.

3. You will find a PIN code on the assignment page. When asked, copy this code and tap it into Skype for Business.

4. You’re all set!



Alternatively, TikkTalk can be started directly from Skype for Business. The pictures illustrate how:

TikkTalk integrated with Skype For Business




1. If you have a Cisco device you can go to the assignment page on tikktalk.com.

2. Choose the contact method option called “Video conference”. Press the link (you will see an email address).

3. Copy the email address and paste it into your Acano/Cisco device.

4. Your device will ask you for a conference code, which you will find on the assignment page on tikktalk.com. Copy and paste the code into your Acano/Cisco device.

5. You will be asked for a PIN code, which you will find next to the conference code on the assignment page on tikktalk.com. Copy and paste the code into your device.

6. You’re all set!



TikkTalk integrated with Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CallManager)

If your business uses Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager), it’s easy to integrate TikkTalk as a service so that all users can book interpretation sessions linked with the business’ communication system – both on video and telephone. See pictures below for an illustration.
Please contact us if this is of interest to your business.
TikkTalk integrated with Cisco

Full instructions for booking an interpreter through TikkTalk

This video demonstrates step by step how you can post and accept an assignment on TikkTalk. Additionally, it shows you how to integrate TikkTalk with Skype for Business (ca. 3:10) and Acano/Cisco (ca. 3:52). The video displays both the client side (left screen) and interpreter side (right screen) of the process.



The above instructions will make it easy to integrate TikkTalk with your existing Skype for Business account or Cisco device. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: support@tikktalk.com, or telephone: +47 400 55 945.

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