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TikkTalk consists of seven full time employees, including the three founders, Gautam Chandna, Rodney Boot og Jørn Mikalsen. The rest of the team consists of 13 consultants and part time workers. At the moment, we also have an intern staying with us for three months.

A normal day at the TikkTalk office is usually very complex. We face new and interesting challenges every day. In this blog post, you will get an insight into who we are and what a normal working day at TikkTalk looks like.

Wisam is our intern and will be with us for three months. Wisam is originally from Sudan, and lives in Norway with her family, consisting of her husband and their two children. She is a mechanical engineer and has experience as a sales and project engineer. Right now, she is taking her masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Oslo. It is for this reason Wisam is an intern at TikkTalk, as her course requires three month’s work experience at a startup company.

“I feel lucky to have gotten an internship at TikkTalk. These are people with a lot of experience that you can learn a lot from. I also find the work atmosphere very friendly to work in. So, I learn a lot,” says Wisam.  

Wisam work with the clients, establishing their needs and wishes for interpreting services. And when I ask her how a normal working day looks like she says:

“Right now I’m in the phase where I gather information. Because of that, my day is full of online surfing. My aim is to find information about potential clients, (schools, surgeries, organisations, and so on). Then, I contact them to give them more information about TikkTalk and find out what they want in TikkTalk’s app: what they lack in today’s solution and what TikkTalk can offer them according to their needs.”

Wisam TikkTalk
TikkTalk StartupLab

TikkTalk is a tech company and we use our knowledge to help professionals do their job. One example is that we work to simplify and better the use of video during the interpretation session. There are many advantages of using video; it can raise the quality of the interpreting and it can save both time and resources. Several of TikkTalk’s employees has years of experience in video conferencing. We work with the top technology suppliers to secure high quality screen interpreting and to make sure video is used when necessary.

We are actively working to create more transparency in the sector by having created a direct link between interpreter and client, TikkTalk’s solution will make it easier for the client to find and book interpreters with the right qualifications, as well as it will be easier for the interpreters to find and get assignments.

Our platform secures this, which is why a lot of TikkTalk’s working day consists of maintaining and making sure the platform is working well. At the same time, we are constantly testing and developing it to form the perfect tool for both interpreter and client. To ensure that we are working in the right direction we have a dedicated team that works towards the customers, At the same time, our Community Manager, Aman, makes sure that all the interpreters’ wishes are maintained.

We are working hard to form the perfect solution for interpreter and client an wish to make their lives easier. Because of that, every working day at TikkTalk is different, TikkTalk consists of a small, but very dedicated team. We share a lot of knowledge between us. We come from different backgrounds, are of different nationalities and speak different languages. Still, we all share one dream: breaking language barriers everywhere, whenever needed.

TikkTalk's new offices in StartupLab in the Oslo Science Park

Our offices has been in Oslo Science Park since the beginning, and in the end of March we moved into StartupLab’s new offices at the first floor of the building. Things here are slowly coming together, and we enjoy our new office a lot!

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