A TikkTalk profile is the most important tool you have when reaching out to an user of interpreter services. You might have a LinkedIn profile showcasing all your work experience, and a TikkTalk profile has the same purpose: It shows who you are, and what services you offer to potential interpretation clients.

Why should I spend my time improving my TikkTalk profile?

You may be a very talented interpreter, but if your qualifications are not shown on your profile, the client will have no way of knowing how good you are. In such a case, a client might choose another interpreter, with less experience and a more complete profile. First impressions matter, and a more thorough profile conveys a more professional interpreter. That’s why it’s important that the highest qualified interpreters take some time to properly fill out their profile.  

A TikkTalk profile is your unique opportunity to show the world how good you are and why you should be chosen for an assignment. It’s your direct link to the marked, and an easy way for you to promote yourself. However, you don’t have to write a lot or praise yourself too highly. More importantly, the content should be correct, short and to the point. You should clearly display your experience and qualifications, and write about what makes you a good interpreter. Avoid private information, spelling and grammar mistakes and awkward sentences.

Public profiles

TikkTalk has launched an optional public profile feature, which makes it possible for clients to find your TikkTalk profile on Google and other search engines. On your profile settings page, you can choose whether you want a hidden, partly hidden, or a public profile:

Hidden: A hidden profile means that you actively have to apply for assignments yourself. Your profile will not be visible to any clients, even if you meet all the criteria for an assignment they post.

Partly hidden: A partly hidden profile is visible to all users that are logged in to TikkTalk. This means that clients can contact you directly through your profile and invite you to assignments.

Public: A public profile makes you searchable on Google and other search engines. This means that your TikkTalk profile is visible for anyone, TikkTalk user or not. So if anyone searches for “interpreter level 1 from English to Norwegian” on Google, your profile will show up and the client can book you directly. A public profile makes you and your services more accessible and visible on the market.

Whether you have a hidden, partly hidden or public profile on TikkTalk, it’s important to make the profile as complete as possible. However, it’s not always easy to know what a good profile looks like, which is why we created the following examples of a low-quality, mid-quality, and a high-quality profile:

Note! The profiles below are only examples and do not show a real interpreter. They are only created for illustration purposes.

Example of a low-quality profile:

This profile only contains the most basic information, as well as standard pricing, and does not stand out in any way. The profile can easily be overlooked when a client goes through assignment applications.

Example of a poorly filled out TikkTalk profile

Example of a mid-quality profile:

This profile contains all basic information, areas of expertise, and a professional picture. At the same time, it lacks an extra touch that makes it stand out from the crowd.


An almost fully filled out TikkTalk profile

Example of a high-quality profile:

Here, the interpreter has filled out as much information as possible, and written a short text that contains some background information, as well as the interpreters’ strengths and why the interpreter would be a good choice for an assignment.

Example of a good TikkTalk profile

It doesn’t take a lot of work to create a good TikkTalk profile, and the benefits are plentiful. A strong profile will open more doors into the market, make you more attractive to future clients, and more accessible as an interpreter. Good luck! (If you’re not registered on TikkTalk yet, you can register here. It only takes a few minutes!)


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