Finance director Mark Howie at Hemsedal asylum centres explains why his centres use TikkTalk for booking interpreters.


Mark Howie from Hemsedal asylum centres use TikkTalk for booking interpreters

– We’re very pleased with TikkTalk. We save money at the same time as we know we’re getting qualified interpreters [from, level 1-5, ed.], says Mark Howie, finance director at Hemsedal asylum centres in Norway.

Howie is originally from Australia, and has worked with establishing asylum centres in Norway since the refugee crisis in 2015

– I was just speaking to everyone here about TikkTalk, and they only have good things to say. Everyone who books an interpreter gets a quick response, he says.

– The straight-forward booking system saves us time. And since everything is automated, the interpreters get a larger share of the fee for every assignment, instead of money going to administration costs.

Cheaper and better

Before they started using TikkTalk, the asylum centres in Hemsedal had tried two traditional interpreter agencies.

– They weren’t good enough. The first agency supplied interpreters without qualifications, and we could hear the interpreters doing other thing while interpretering over the phone, Howie explains.

In Norway, the Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDi) is the only body authorised to grant official interpreter qualifications. Read more about the qualification levels for interpreters here.

– The second agency was disorganised. They sent us invoices for interpretation sessions we hadn’t completed. There was a lot of errors and not much information, he continues.

– So it was great that TikkTalk could deliver a better service for a cheaper price.


The asylum centres in Hemsedal have already booked over 60 interpretation sessions from TikkTalk in just four months, and now only book qualified interpreters.

– How many interpretation sessions we have to book varies, but usually it’s between five and ten each week, Howie continues.

– The languages we need interpreters for are Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Kurdish and several others. And TikkTalk delivers for all the languages.

Porsanger municipality in northern Norway has also discovered the advantages of TikkTalk. Read how they use technology to help refugees here [Norwegian].

Overall, Howie has no complaints about TikkTalk’s digital marketplace.

– We’ll definitely continue using TikkTalk for booking interpreters, he says.



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