Head of refugee services, Wenche Bjerke, says TikkTalk offers the best quality for the money

– We are mainly concerned with the quality of interpretation, says Wenche Bjerke. She is the head of refugee services in Enebakk municipality in Eastern Norway, and leads a team which often uses interpreters.

– Sometimes we use interpreters several times per week, while other times we don’t need interpreters more than a few times per month, she explains.

Bjerke says her team has a lot of positive things to say about TikkTalk.

– The team quickly found their favourite interpreters, which they use again and again. They are really happy that the TikkTalk system makes it so simple to choose your favourites.

– It’s also easy to log in and book interpreters. And we get a response from the interpreters almost straight away. It’s great, says Bjerke.


Feeling confident
Bjerke says the TikkTalk system has a straightforward and easy-to-grasp interface, which makes her team feel confident when booking interpreters.

– If they have any questions, or if something isn’t quite right, we get help straight away, she says.

She is also impressed with the invoicing system.

– The invoices go straight to our finance department, and then on to me. Each invoice has specified who has booked an interpreter and what the conversation was about.

– It makes my working day a lot easier, she says.

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Bjerke explains that Enebakk municipality books interpreters both for phone and in-person assignments, as well as a few video assignments.

– In most cases we need interpreters for conversations with refugees, but sometimes it’s for EU/EEA citizens.

– The languages we need the most are Arabic, Tigrinya, Dari and Amharic, says Bjerke.

Enebakk municipality has used TikkTalk as a trial project since June. The municipality is also part of a regional plan for interpretation services with other municipalities in the district. Through that, Enebakk has a tender with a different, traditional interpretation agency.


Expands their services
Bjerke explains that Enebakk will soon expand their overall offering for refugees.

– We are creating a multi-disciplinary team to cover housing, kindergartens, schools, health care, drug counselling, psychiatry, and everything else, she says.

– For that, it will be very useful that we can add several employees to the same TikkTalk account. That means each individual employee can book interpreters while we maintain a central overview.

Bjerke says Enebakk will definitely continue using TikkTalk.

– The team was almost too eager to book interpreters when we first started using TikkTalk because it was so easy and well-run, she says.

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