In recent years, Esraa Alezy Groven has gone from working as a programmer and project manager, to a full-time interpreter.


– I’m very pleased with TikkTalk, and it makes my life easier!

For those who are planning a career as an interpreter, read 7 tips for planning a career as an interpreter. Esraa has been a TikkTalker since the beginning of the year, and quickly became an interpreter that customers want to book.

How has your time at TikkTalk been?

– When I did research about different agencies, I came across TikkTalk. After checking out the website, I realized that TikkTalk was different. I have worked with other agencies, but I was not satisfied. Given my background, I like to have things in system and order, I TikkTalk has that.

Today, Esraa is listed as category 5 in Norway´s register of interpreters. In addition, she is currently enrolled at HIOA to become a category 3 interpreter. Esraa has quickly become a sought-after interpreter and various clients like kindergartens, schools, hospitals and health centers use Esraa.

How is your relationship with the customers and what do customers say about TikkTalk?

– It’s a lot more exciting to work with people than to work with projects.

– The fact that we have direct contact makes it easy for them to inform me about changes, as well as give feedback. For my part, it is also nice to get feedback. I find that customers are very pleased with TikkTalk. They say it’s easy to post assignments and that interpreters respond quickly.. They are also pleased with the follow-up they receive from their contact at TikkTalk.

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As an interpreter, requests can come from both agencies and directly from customers. On a busy day, it is not always easy to keep track of everything. For a good interpreter, the network of customers can quickly expand, and then it’s important to have good tools.

– I often hear from colleagues that they do not feel they get fair pay from some agencies. I have heard stories about interpreters who get 20% while the agency is gets 80% At TikkTalk it’s the other way around, and that’s what I think is best with TikkTalk. The fact that I do not feel used is important and helps me to work well. I set my own price and get what I feel is fair.

 With TikkTalk, you have everything in one place. I can go to the app if I need information and I will get notified before assignments. I often ask new customers to book me via TikkTalk, so I can keep things tidy. I feel that a service fee of 20% that the customer pays is fair for using the platform and handling all the work after an assignment, such as billing. The fact that TikkTalk is open about its service fee also makes me feel confident about how TikkTalk works as well as coming across as a professional company.

TikkTalk is very pleased to have both Ezraa and many other good interpreters on the platform. If you want to register on TikkTalk, you can do this here.

What is next, will you continue to use TikkTalk?

– Yes, definitely! I recommend my colleagues to use TikkTalk as well!

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