TikkTalk in 2017

A lot happened with TikkTalk in 2017. So, even though 2018 is already well under way, we’re allowing ourselves a look back at last year.

Municipalities, hospitals and many others all across Norway have started using TikkTalk over the past 12 months. You can read more about some of them on our website, for instance Kvam municipality, where they use TikkTalk to find educated interpreters – or the asylum centres at Hemsedal, where they use TikkTalk because it’s cheaper and more reliable than traditional interpreter agencies.

The most important thing we do is to secure direct access to qualified interpreters. That’s why we’re proud to say that 97 per cent of all interpreter assignments TikkTalk delivered to the public sector in 2017 were conducted by qualified interpreters.* This is a stark contrast to the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration’s (IMDi) findings that only a third of public interpreter assignments in Norway are conducted by qualified interpreters. Where TikkTalk hasn’t been able to deliver qualified interpreters, our customers have always had full access to this information – and more likely chosen unqualified interpreters because of emergencies, or reasons where a qualified interpreter was not available. We believe complete transparency regarding interpreter qualifications is essential for better interpretation services.

* Interpreters with qualification levels 1-5 in IMDi’s national register of interpreters. Read more about qualification levels for interpreters here.

For us, the innovation contract with Innovation Norway and Helse Førde was still one of the biggest things that happened in 2017. We are securing simpler and safer access to qualified interpreters for all hospitals in Sogn og Fjordane – and the results are already very promising. In this interview with anaesthetist Gregers Halvorsen you can read more about what we’ve achieved.

Other highlights from 2017 were:

1. Enormous user growth

Registered customers, TikkTalk in 2017
Registered interpreters, TikkTalk in 2017

Both customers and interpreters joined TikkTalk in 2017 because of our open market promise. Our market place attracted an increasing stream of users each quarter, and particularly the final quarter of 2017 saw huge growth.

Our customers come from all parts of the public and private sectors in Norway, while our interpreters cover over 60 languages. Those who began using TikkTalk quickly realized that it’s worth having a direct relationship with an interpreter.

2. Interpreters from around the world

World map of interpreters, TikkTalk in 2017

One of the chief advantages of an open marketplace like TikkTalk is that it’s available in the entire world. The map above shows all the countries we have registered interpreters from.

When using TikkTalk, all customers have easy access to video interpretation, directly in their web browser on any device. That’s how we can take advantage of language resources from around the world, no matter where the interpretation assignments are.

3. Qualified interpreters

Assignments conducted by qualified interpreters, TikkTalk in 2017

In 2017, the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (IMDi), found that only three out of ten interpretation assignments for the Norwegian public sector were conducted by qualified interpreters. TikkTalk is moving in the opposite direction: Almost ten out of ten public interpretation assignments from TikkTalk in 2017 were conducted by IMDi-qualified interpreters (97% of assignments).

TikkTalk not only delivers qualified interpreters to the public sector far more often than private agencies (17% of assignments), we also deliver qualified interpreters far more often than internal municipal services (47% of assignments), and more than public sector customers with internal registers (95% of assignments).

4. Different types of assignments

Assignment types for TikkTalk in 2017
Assignment by time of day, TikkTalk in 2017

Norway is a long and sparsely populated country, and interpreters are mainly based in major cities. That’s why there is a huge need for remote interpretation in many parts of the country. We at TikkTalk are working to increase the use of video interpretation as an alternative to phone and in-person interpretation.

In 2017, TikkTalk also launched a function for on-demand assignments. That means you can book an interpreter at any time of day, and find available interpreters on a very short notice.

5. Over a hundred language combinations

Language combinations for TikkTalk in 2017

For now, we’re mainly delivering interpreters that speak Norwegian and a second language – but the growth of international interpreters on our platform means that we can also connect you with interpreters who speak several other languages.


6. Quick and efficient bookings

Assignment booking time for TikkTalk in 2017
Assignment start time, TikkTalk in 2017

Booking an interpreter from TikkTalk is quick with three simple steps: 1. Post an assignment. 2. Wait for interpreters to apply. 3. Confirm an interpreter. After that, the only thing remaining is the actual conversation.

In 2017, a fourth of all assignments were posted, applied for, and confirmed within 15 minutes, while eight out of ten assignments were confirmed within 24 hours. The graph to the right shows that most assignments were booked between two and three days before conversations were taking place – but also that almost one out of ten interpreter conversations start within just 15 minutes of an assignment being posted on TikkTalk.

TikkTalk in 2017 summed up

TikkTalk in 2017, summed up

The infographic above shows how TikkTalk differs from other interpretation services, both private and public. We deliver consistently high quality to all parts of the public sector – and put both the customer and interpreter first.

We look forward to 2018!

TikkTalk at Techfugees Global Summit 2017

We had a fantastic year in 2017. Here we are at the Techfugees Global Summit in Paris, which you can read more about in the Financial Times. Now we look forward to an even more exciting 2018!

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