TikkTalk’s 2016 in numbers

Picture of TikTalk logo with the number 2016 underneath
It’s been a great first year for TikkTalk. We founded the company in February, went to market in July, and saw huge growth by December. It’s not easy being a tech company in a mostly non-tech industry, but we think we are doing well so far with changing the face of interpretation. We already have big plans for 2017 – but we’ve also allowed ourselves a quick look back at what made 2016 so good:

1. A record number of signups

Cake graphs showing how many interpreters has signes up to TikkTalk
Cake graphs showing how many customers that signed up to TikkTalk in 2016

With every quarter of 2016, we have had exponential growth of signups. It’s great to see interpreters and customers flocking to our platform.

From only a handful when we started in February, we now have a huge stable of interpreters, as well as customers from across public and private sectors.

2. A constant growth of new languages

Illustrations showing all languages and language combinations TikkTalk provide thorugh their platform at the end of 2016

Interpreters in Norway speak a huge range of languages. And we are growing the number of languages on our platform almost every week.

Most of our work is to and from Norwegian. But we also offer several languages to and from English – and even combinations like Turkish to Swahili or Russian to Vietnamese.

3. A global reach

Map of the world, countries where interpreters have registered with Tikktalk is marked in red

We are a global company. With video technology and a digital platform, interpreters can sign up and work from anywhere in the world.

So far, we have interpreters from 27 different countries, and we keep getting signups from new places around the world. This means that customers now have access to a much larger range of interpreters than ever before.

4. A consistent level of high quality interpretations

Cake graph showing assignments conducted (75% level 1-5 interpreters)

Interpreters that are used in Norway are unfortunately not always as qualified as they should be – even in cases where certification is required by law.

At TikkTalk, however, as much as 75 per cent of assignments so far have been performed by level 1 to 3 interpreters. And customers always know which level interpreter they are getting.

5. Tech, tech and more tech

Illustration showig fun facts of company: hours spent coding, hours spent on design, lines of codes written, tests done on site

We are a tech company at heart. We just happen to work with interpretation.

And just like for any other service that has gone digital – be it hotel booking, air travel, grocery shopping or anything else – there has been a lot of hard labour behind to scenes to make the technology work.

All that coding, testing, design and coffee, is what has made TikkTalk the great company it now is. And we couldn’t be more proud of it.

2016 was great, but 2017 will be even better!

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Frokostmøte: Hva betyr ny tolke-teknologi for deg?

Velkommen til frokostmøte for tolker – med foredrag av professor Barry Slaughter Olsen via videolink

Sted: Forskningsparken, Oslo
Tid: Onsdag 14. desember, kl. 8:30 til kl. 10 – frokostservering fra 8.00
Meld deg på i skjemaet til høyre

TikkTalk er en nystartet markedsplass for tolker i Norge. Vi inviterer alle interesserte tolker til et frokostmøte om hvordan ny teknologi kommer til å forme arbeidsdagen deres i fremtiden. Det blir interessante og matnyttige foredrag, og en fin mulighet til å møte andre tolker og utveksle erfaringer. Pluss en god frokost.


  • Hvordan kan innovasjon og teknologi skape bærekraftige forretningsmodeller for tolker og oppdragsgivere?
  • Hvilke utfordringer møter tolker i Norge i dag?
  • Hvordan kan fjerntolking og nye teknologiske løsninger tas i bruk i helsesektoren og andre offentlige sektorer?



Headshot of a man looking into camera

[via video; på engelsk]
Barry Slaughter Olsen – Professor i tolking og oversetting i California, og grunnlegger av InterpretAmerica

Tema: Hvordan teknologi påvirker tolking og tolker – nye muligheter og nye arbeidsmetoder

Barry Slaughter Olsen er en svært erfaren tolk og teknologientusiast. Han er grunnleggeren av InterpretAmerica, og har over tjue års erfaring med tolking, tolkeutdanning, og andre språktjenester. Barry er professor i oversetting og tolking på Middlebury Institute of International Studies i California, USA, og General Manager of Multilingual Operations hos ZipDX. Han er også medlem av the International Association of Conference Interpreters. Han twitrer om tolking, teknologi og utdanning under @ProfessorOlsen.

Headshot of Rodney Boot

Rodney Boot – Med-grunnlegger av TikkTalk

Tema: Hva er TikkTalk – og hvordan kan TikkTalks teknologi hjelpe tolker få flere oppdrag og bedre betalt

Rodney Boot er én av de tre gründerne bak TikkTalk. Han startet selskapet fordi han så at tolkebransjen i Norge hadde et stort behov for modernisering og digitalisering. Rodney har lang erfaring som grafisk designer, og har tidligere jobbet for Brandlab bl.a. som sjefsdesigner for VisitOslo og Norges Bank. Han har ansvar for identiteten til TikkTalk, og hvordan selskapet fremstår utad.

Headshot of Aman Tesfamichael

Aman Tesfamichael – Community Manager, TikkTalk

Tema: Utfordringer tolker møter i Norge i dag, og hva TikkTalk gjør for å hjelpe tolkene

Aman Tesfamichael er TikkTalks nye Community Manager, med ansvar for kontakt med og oppfølging av alle tolkene til TikkTalk. Aman kommer fra en jobb som mottaksleder på asylmottak og har lang erfaring med å skape fellesskap og bygge samhørighet. Han har tidligere jobbet som tolk mellom tigrinja, norsk og engelsk – og har også regelmessig vært oppdragsgiver for tolker. Han kjenner dermed godt til alle sider av tolkebransjen i Norge.

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Skiwo unveils new name for interpretation platform: TikkTalk

The last weeks and months have been great here at Skiwo. Over a hundred new interpreters have signed up, our in-house team is growing, and our first clients have started using the service.

As an agile tech company, we launched our platform as quickly as possible to get real-life feedback from interpreters and clients alike. We’re convinced that’s the best way of giving people exactly what they want.

Now we’ve taken all the feedback on board and unveiled a new name for our interpretation services: TikkTalk.

For those who have started using the service, nothing will change – but the new brand name will help us expand and cement our position in the market.


Why TikkTalk?
TikkTalk represents the tech-driven and friendly problem-solver which is underway to elevate the interpretation industry into the future.

The primary version of TikkTalk will be TikkTalkPro, for certified interpreters offering top quality interpretation services to businesses and government bodies, such as court interpreters and medical interpreters.

The Norwegian interpretation market has so far struggled to provide interpreters with sufficient qualifications for many important and complex situations. A case in point is Helse Sør-Øst’s findings from 2014 that nine out of ten interpreters used in patient interactions lacked formal qualifications, despite this being demanded by law.

TikkTalkPro will help to mend this situation by offering a straight-forward and transparent way for government institutions and businesses to access certified interpreters – in person or over video link. We’re also working on other versions of TikkTalk, in addition to Pro, and will reveal more about those soon.

TikkTalk’s new brand identity and name
Before we got our sketch pads out we closely worked with NameABrand to come up with the perfect name that fitted our vision and values. To form TikkTalk’s new brand identify, we set off on an intense four-day design sprint where we came up with hundreds of ideas and sketches. Along the way, we had great help from Rod’s old colleagues at the branding agency Brandlab, who worked day and night to perfect the designs.

TikkTalk’s new identity is warm, open and friendly, while also helping us to stand out from the pack as a tech company, as opposed to a traditional interpretation agency. We see ourselves as the neutral partner; the transparent facilitator; the platform that makes your life more efficient. Driven by a genuine passion to enhance the way interpreters are being hired by both the public and private sector, we strive to create the best online interpretation platform possible.

All these characteristics are united into a simple, abstract “T” symbol that could be recognised globally. The circle represents the interpretation community, and the rectangle is our platform; together they stand for a community-driven marketplace. The wordmark is set in a custom, geometric sans-serif typeface in clear synergy with the symbol.

Throughout the rest of the identity we also wanted to play with the different elements: The typography, graphic elements, illustrations, colours and the “T” symbol all work harmoniously together, creating a distinctive graphic language.
In the next few months you will see Skiwo gradually transitioning over to the new TikkTalk brand identity, breathing new life into the interpretation industry.

Let’s TikkTalk!


If you want more information about Skiwo and TikkTalk, please send us an email on support@tikktalk.com, call us on +47 400 55 945, or simply press the speech balloon over there in the corner ->

And if you want to sign up for TikkTalk, either to order an interpreter or to become one, please register right here: https://my.tikktalk.com/people/sign_up

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