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7 Tips for Planning a Career as an Interpreter

Planning a career as an interpreter? Here is what you should consider! You love languages. You have relatives who speak two or more languages, you're bicultural, and you have strong ties to a specific country. Or, you just love the challenge of meeting new people and...

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The importance of a good TikkTalk profile

A TikkTalk profile is the most important tool you have when reaching out to an user of interpreter services. You might have a LinkedIn profile showcasing all your work experience, and a TikkTalk profile has the same purpose: It shows who you are, and what services you...

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Challenges of a police interpreter

Imagine a crime scene where the involved parties do not understand each other. When police officers faced with such a crime scene have to take a statement, interview a victim or suspect, or share news with a victim’s family, they often need specially trained and...

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A normal day at the TikkTalk office

TikkTalk consists of seven full time employees, including the three founders, Gautam Chandna, Rodney Boot og Jørn Mikalsen. The rest of the team consists of 13 consultants and part time workers. At the moment, we also have an intern staying with us for three months. A...

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9 Tips for Being Professional on Video

In today’s world of advancing technology, the days of simple phone calls are ending. Business calls, meetings, doctors’ visits, job interviews and even interpretation sessions often take place on video. But how do you maintain professionalism and make a good...

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Qualification levels for interpreters

Norwegian Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDi) TikkTalk verifies all information about education and authorisation based on the guidelines made by the Norwegian Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDi). IMDi grants a state certification letter to...

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How to work effectively with an interpreter

Due to the internationalisation of daily life and business, the likelihood that you will need the services of a professional interpreter is growing every day. This is why it is essential to know how to work with them effectively in order to gain the most benefit.  ...

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Open house at Oslo Science Park

On Thursday 2 February, Oslo Science Park is opening its doors. Across six floors, the park hosts some of Norway's most exciting tech companies and research institutions. As one of the park's growing tech startups, TikkTalk will speak at the event. We have long been...

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Meet Aman, our community manager

Aman is TikkTalk's community manager. Aman previously worked as an interpreter, and was also an active user of interpretation services during his time running an asylum reception centre in Otta, Norway. Here, Aman tells a bit more about himself and shares his tips for...

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Meet Skiwo’s new employee Mohamad Kensas

We from Skiwo would like to introduce our new employee Mohamad Kensas from Syria, who will support the team as interpreter and quality assurance tester. In the following, you find a short interview about his flight from Syria to Norway, the challenges he encountered...

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TikkTalk’s 2016 in numbers

It’s been a great first year for TikkTalk. We founded the company in February, went to market in July, and saw huge growth by December. It’s not easy being a tech company in a mostly non-tech industry, but we think we are doing well so far with changing the face of...

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