TikkTalk’s digital marketplace has one purpose: to give you easy access to qualified interpreters. We want to improve the interpretation industry, with better conditions for interpreters and higher quality for clients. Together we can help everyone understand each other.

High Quality

TikkTalk verifies every interpreters qualifications manually. In addition, we publish interpreter qualifications in several locations – so you always know the qualification level of the interpreter you are interacting with.

Low price

TikkTalk has no hidden fees. Direct contact between interpreter and client ensures the right interpreter at the right price.

24/7 access

Book an interpreter at any time day or night. TikkTalk gives you immediate access to all available interpreters.

More organised

With our Enterprise account, your organisation has one shared calendar. This gives you and your colleagues a simpler way to organise interpretation bookings. Invoices are sent automatically to your finance department.

In person, phone or video interpretation we provide all types of interpretation services

TikkTalk gives you access to interpreters where you need them in person, over the phone, or video on all your devices and conference systems. Download our app for immediate access to interpreters, where ever you are.

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The interpreter code of ethics

Our interpreters have signed confidentiality agreements and follow the interpreter code of ethics.

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Are you a large organisation in need of a tailored product?

TikkTalk was not built in a day. In fact, it was built over a year where we learned from our users and built exactly what they asked for.

  • Thanks to our hospital partners, we support enterprise accounts where employees can share assignments
  • Thanks to our asylum center users, we support joint billing statements
  • Thanks to our police users, we support on-demand booking of interpreters
  • Thanks to our law firm partners, we support electronic fri rettshjelp forms
  • Thanks to our school and education partners, we support custom VAT configurations per customer
  • Thanks to our municipality users, we support EHF and auto-approval mechanisms for assignments
  • Thanks to our hundreds of users who have helped us build a product for the future


Try out product and tell us what you need, and we will make it happen.

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