Different methods of interpretation

Phone interpretation

Phone interpretation is common for assignments outside major city centres. The client calls the interpreter at the requested time. Remember that the interpreter can’t see you, so speak slowly, avoid relying on body language, and make sure it is clear who is speaking, especially in conversations with more than two people.

In-person interpretation

With in-person interpretation, you get the full advantage of an interpreter’s expertise. It is often the preferred method of interpretation, but can be made difficult by time/budget constraints and long travels. Remember that in-person fees include interpreter travel time and expenses. enses.

Video interpretation

Video interpretation is a great alternative to phone interpretation, but not as widely used yet. It gives the interpreter a clear view of the entire conversation and ensures body language is picked up on. TikkTalk offers video interpretation on any device, via our app or directly in your web browser.

Video room interpretation

Some conversations require an added level of confidentiality. TikkTalk offers secure hubs where interpreters can conduct phone or video interpretation over an encrypted line.

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