Enterprise accounts on TikkTalk

Does your organisation book interpreters regularly? Then you should consider getting an Pro account. Enterprise accounts give you complete control of all your interpreter bookings.

Give your team all the necessary tools to get the job done:

 Unlimited users on the same account

 Different roles for your colleagues

 On-demand interpreters

 Multi-post assignments

 Payment through invoice

 Access to in-depth statistics

 8am-4pm online customer support

A shared calendar to keep track of your bookings

Different roles for different employees


A finance role gives you responsibility for paying the bills – but it also gives you the ability to collect stats on where your organisation spends money and how you can control expenses.


An organiser role lets you book interpreters and set up meetings.

It’s the standard role for any employee responsible for interpreter conversations.


An attender role lets you be a part of meetings set up by organisers, or receive interpreters booked by an organiser.

It’s a suitable role for those employees not directly involved in booking interpreters, but who are still part of interpreter conversations.

TikkTalk on Dagens Næringsliv
TikkTalk on Aftenposten
TikkTalk on Shifter

Are you a large organisation in need of a tailored product?

TikkTalk was not built in a day. In fact, it was built over a year where we learned from our users and built exactly what they asked for.

  • Thanks to our hospital partners, we support enterprise accounts where employees can share assignments
  • Thanks to our asylum center users, we support joint billing statements
  • Thanks to our police users, we support on-demand booking of interpreters
  • Thanks to our law firm partners, we support electronic fri rettshjelp forms
  • Thanks to our school and education partners, we support custom VAT configurations per customer
  • Thanks to our municipality users, we support EHF and auto-approval mechanisms for assignments
  • Thanks to our hundreds of users who have helped us build a product for the future


Try out product and tell us what you need, and we will make it happen.

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