How TikkTalk works

TikkTalk is an open marketplace for interpretation services. An open marketplace is a platform where interpreters can offer their services to clients, and the clients can post assignments. We offer direct contact between the interpreter and the client.

When the client post an assignment, qualified interpreters can apply for it with their own price. This form of direct contact will result in better deals than if bookings were made through expensive third parties.

TikkTalk believes that openness provides trust. That is why we offer the interpreters a direct channel into the market. We believe new technology and digitalising will renew the way the industry is organised. If you are a distributor of interpretation services that believes technology will change the industry, please contact us.

TikkTalk wishes to promote the highest educated interpreters to ensure fair pay for the interpreter and that all clients get the quality they require.

You can use TikkTalk when you need to  –  there is no binding contract.

Join TikkTalk

Register on TikkTalk with your email address and phone number, and we will keep you informed of new assignments if you are an interpreter, and great interpreters if you are a client.

You can also sign up using your Facebook, Google or LinkedIn accounts. It is completely free and non-binding to register. If you want to delete you account, all you need to do is to let us know, and we will do it for you.

Laptop, tablet and mobile phone showing TikkTalk's logo and sign in
TikkTalk checks all uploaded certifications

Interpreters add your skills!

Once you have signed up, tell us about your qualifications: your education, certifications and courses. Please let us know if you have any other skills too, like specific terminology courses. TikkTalk verifies Norwegian interpreters based on the guidelines by the Norwegian Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDi). Having a well written profile shows people how great you are.

Customers post assignments

Those who need interpreters can post and assignment and define specific requirements on TikkTalk. You can choose which level interpreter you want, and if you want the assignment to be in-person, by telephone, video or in a safe hub. You can also set the time for the assignment, whether it is tomorrow, in a few weeks or in a month.

If you already know the interpreter you want to hire, check out our “Private Assignments” feature. This feature allows you to reuse good interpreters. If you have an Enterprise account, you will also be able to post assignment that can only be viewed by certified and trained interpreters.

On TikkTalk customers can post their requirements from our website
Three interpreters, Interpreters can choose to make an offer, or ignore assignments

Interpreters get notifications

TikkTalk sends email, SMS and mobile app push notifications to make sure interpreters are informed when a relevant assignment appears. Based on the wishes from the costumers, our marketplace will always find the qualified interpreters that fits the specific assignment. We make sure you have the best opportunity to decide whether an assignment suits you – or not.

The interpreters apply for the assignment

All interpreters that have the right qualifications, and are free, can make offers for the assignment. The client will have the opportunity to evaluate all the candidates before picking the interpreter that is right for the assignment. Being in charge of your own customer relationships means you can take control of your future assignments as well. You can also use our platform to build valuable network and customer relations.

Customers receive offers and can decide whom to hire
Customers hire the interpreter that fits best

Customers award the assignment

The client can choose the interpreter that fits the assignment. TikkTalk will take care of the administrative work related to billing and payment, so you do not have anything else to think about.

Attend the assignment

This is the most important part of the process, and the interpreters time to shine! The assignment needs the full attention from both the interpreter and the client. That is why TikkTalk takes care of everything else.

By using TikkTalk, you can attend the assignment via video or telephone by using your own laptop, tablet or phone. You can also post in-person assignments or safe video conference assignments from one of our secure hubs at the Oslo Science Park.

Two woman illustrating that on TikkTalk, you can attend meetings on video, phone, in-person or from a secure room
A laptop and a mobile phone illustrating that you can either pay with credit card or invoice, and interpreters get paid directly into your bank account


With TikkTalk, you can pay with credit card from anywhere in the world. If you are a Norwegian company, you can pay by invoice.

Get paid

Tikktalk takes care of all payments. Interpreters who have their own Sole Proprietorship (ENK) or Limited Company (AS) can get paid the entire amount that directly into their bank account. Interpreters who have residence outside of Norway can choose to get paid using PayPal.

For Interpreters who don’t have their own ENK or AS, TikkTalk is working on a payroll solution where we take care of the complex process of tax payments, VAT and other factors you will have to consider. Contact us if you want to test this solution.

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