Fairness based on understanding

Using a qualified interpreter is essential to a fair law process. In these cases, understanding every word is important. TikkTalk provides you with a qualified interpreter when you need one. 


Post an assignment

Select the languages you need


Recieve offers

Discover the most qualified interpreters


Choose your interpreter

Pick the best interpreter for the right price


You can easily find high level interpreters on our platform.

Their qualifications are visible on their profile, and verified by us.  

Save time

All qualified interpreters can apply when you post an assignment. By being contacted directly, you save time.

Additionally, you can be sure the interpreter has the right qualifications.   


State certified interpreters contributes to a fair law process.

It’s easy to choose the right interpreter on TikkTalk’s marketplace: all interpreters are listed by their qualifications.


The interpreters apply for your assignment with their own price, or salærsats.

The interpreter receives the whole amount of that price, or the salærsats. We think this brings more quality and justice to the profession.


TikkTalk’s digital marketplace offers in-person or remote interpretation (video or telephone).

We believe technology is a big part of the future of interpreting, and provide video systems that makes video interpretation better and easier than ever.


TikkTalk works to organise the interpretation industry.

We want to strengthen interpreting as a profession, and think that better work conditions will increase the quality of services provided for the customers.


Do you need even more? Check out our Enterprise services to see what we offer.

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Technology helping to create a fairer justice system


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