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TikkTalk makes interpretation easy. Our open marketplace allows you to freely choose an interpreter that fits your requirements. We will take care of the rest.


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Hobøl asylum center for refugees

Case study: Hobøl Asylum Centre

Myrteza Shini works as Returns Advisor at Hobøl Asylum Reception Centre, a privately run centre that lies in Elvestad, in the municipality of Hobøl, Norway. About 150 refugees live at the centre, which has one ordinary department (with 130 places) and one facilitated department (with 20 places). Hobøl Asylum Reception Centre normally uses interpretation by telephone, which is also what Myrteza did the first time he used TikkTak.

Save time

We know working at an asylum reception centre means that you have a busy working day.

TikkTalk’s open marketplace gives you quick access to all interpreter’s with the right qualifications.


TikkTalk has no hidden costs or extra fees for bookings made at night or in the weekend.

You can communicate directly with the interpreters. No middleman cost means a better market price for you and a higher income for the interpreter.


TikkTalk is completely transparent. All interpreter qualifications, which are verified by TikkTalk, are visible on their profile.

This is to make sure you always get the right level interpreter.  

No binding contract

You are free to use TikkTalk when you need to.

You do not have to bind yourself to a contract, and you can pay for each separate assignment alone.


TikkTalk offers in-person and remote interpreting (telephone and video).

Our good video and telephone systems allows the interpreter to help you remotely.


We’re here for you whenever you need us. You can contact any of our interpreters, anywhere in the world, at any time.

Simply log on to, download our app or give us a call.


Do you need even more? Check out our Enterprise service to see what we offer.

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