Interpreting in medical situations

TikkTalks open marketplace gives you direct access to interpreters. When using TikkTalk, you can be sure you get the quality you need – when you need it.


Post an assignment

Select the languages you need


Receive offers

Discover the most qualified interpreters


Choose your interpreter

Pick the best interpreter for the right price


The interpreters are listed after their level of qualification. TikkTalk verifies every interpreters’ education, training and skills.

Save time

You save time on administrative tasks. Post assignments, and every interpreter that fits your requirements apply with their own set price.


Use interpreters with the right qualifications to create fairness. Our marketplace is open about each interpreter’s’ qualifications.


TikkTalk’s open marketplace offers in-person and remote interpretation. Our system is integrated with safe, high quality video and telephone systems. See our different assignment types here.


If salærsats isn’t used, the interpreter will propose a price for the assignment. We think this gives a better market price for both interpreter and client.


TikkTalk works to organise the interpreter industry in a better way, improve work conditions and give easy access to high level interpreters.


Do you need even more? Check out our Enterprise service to see what we offer.

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Security through the use of interpreters


Helse Førde and TikkTalk’s pilot project is now live

Helse Førde and TikkTalk’s pilot project is now live

Hospitals in the Helse Førde region have started using TikkTalk’s system, in a pilot to improve access to interpreters when treating foreign language patients. Innovative: The project allows for increased use of video interpretation, here demonstrated with a video...

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E-Health in Norway 2016: Meet TikkTalk

E-Health in Norway 2016: Meet TikkTalk

Today and tomorrow, we will be exhibiting our TikkTalk platform at the E-Health in Norway Future Health (EHiN FH) 2016 conference in Oslo Spektrum. Come and talk to us about how interpretation technology can improve healthcare. EHiN Future Health is Norway’s biggest...

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