The right interpreter for the right price

TikkTalk offers quick access to qualified interpreters. Using TikkTalk, you can be sure you’ll get the quality you need – whenever you need it.


Post an assignment

Select the languages you need.


Receive offers

Discover the most qualified interpreters.


Choose your interpreter

Pick the best interpreter for the right price

Save time

Get an interpreter when you’re in your office or outside. Registering assignments using TikkTalk’s app or website is easy, and gives quick access to interpreters. There’s no unnecessary time spent sending emails or on the phone.

Safety and Quality

All interpreters and their qualifications are visible in their open profile. TikkTalk checks all qualifications. You can also mark your favourites, so that it is easy to use them again. Every interpreter has to follow a code of ethics, and all information is confidential. The interpreter will sign a paper stating that all documents regarding the case will be shredded after the interpreter has finished the session. 


TikkTalk has no hidden costs or extra fees for bookings made at night or in the weekend. You can communicate directly with the interpreters. No middleman cost allow you and the interpreter to find the right price together.


TikkTalk has made much of the process automatic to make booking easier. This saves time for both the police and the interpreters. TikkTalk’s systems are compatible with all equipment, computer, tablet, phone, which means that there’s no need to invest in additional and expensive equipment.

Quick access to interpreters

All qualified interpreters will receive a direct notification when the police register an assignment. The police will have access to an interpreter in a few, short clicks.  

No binding contract

TikkTalk is an open platform and you use it after your own needs. Post assignments and receive applications from qualified interpreters. TikkTalk takes care of billing, and you don’t have to think about anything else. Register  add employees choose interpreter.


Do you need even more? Check out our Enterprise service to see what we offer.

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