Post a private assignment

When you post a private assignment, we use the requirements you provide to filter through all interpreters on the TikkTalk marketplace. Then we show you a list of interpreters that are:

  • Meet your qualification requirements
  • Are available (not booked for another session)
  • Have been manually verified by the TikkTalk team
On TikkTalk, customers can simply post their requirements from our website
Three interpreters, Interpreters can choose to make an offer, or ignore assignments

You choose the interpreter

From the list of interpreters, you can visit their profile page to learn more about them, and choose to invite the interpreters you think will be best for your assignment.

TikkTalk sends an SMS, email and mobile app push notifications to the interpreters that you select.

Interpreters make an offer

After that, only your chosen interpreters will see your assignment. You can and should use this feature to invite your favorite interpreters or re-book interpreters who have done great work for you in the past.


Man sitting at laptop illustrating that customers receive offers and can decide whom to hire

Get the interpreter you want by using TikkTalk


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