TikkTalk breaks language barriers

TikkTalk has created an open marketplace for interpretation services. We think this model will bring more quality and fairness to the trade – for both the interpreters and their clients.


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The government report demonstrated a widespread use of interpreters without proper qualifications. This creates confusion and misunderstanding, which leads to loss of valuable time and money.

TikkTalk wants to solve this problem by having an open platform where everyone can view the qualifications of registered interpreters.

Save time

In 2014, a Norwegian public investigation report was published on the use of interpretation services in the public sector. The report concluded that the interpretation industry is disorganised and that the need of interpreters will increase persistently over the next years.

In light of this problem, TikkTalk has created a digital platform where interpreters can register and upload their qualifications. This gives you quick and direct access to talented interpreters without having to go through a costly process with a third party.


The report shows that on occasions where interpreters were used in the wrong way, or not used at all, it weakened due law process and equal treatment in court. Additionally, it put life and health at risk in hospitals and asylum centres.

TikkTalk believes that our open, digital marketplace will help the public sector solve this problem.


If you use qualified interpreters you’ll save money in the long run. According to the report, using qualified interpreters can prevent new, expensive rounds in the justice system. It will also shorten interviews with asylum seekers – which eventually will help saving money on general proceedings.

Additionally, by using TikkTalk takes care of billing. You don’t have to think about anything else.

Technology and availability

Availability is important, and sometimes an unqualified interpreter is used because it’s too difficult to find one that is qualified. With TikkTalk’s app, all interpreters have integrated video and telephone systems that make sure all communication goes smoothly, no matter where they are.

Additionally, TikkTalk offers in-person interpretation, or sessions that take place in a secure hub. With the latest technology, TikkTalk provides you with all the flexibility you need.


We believe in safe communication. TikkTalk verifies the interpreters’ qualifications so that you won’t have to worry about incorrect and incomplete interpretation.

TikkTalk is also working hard to improve the interpreters’ working day, and to make sure they get fair payment for their services. TikkTalk thinks this will benefit both the interpreter and the client in the long run, as well as it contribute to more fairness in the trade.


Do you need even more? Check out our Enterprise service to see what we offer.

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TikkTalk breaks language barriers


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