Help us build the best product for U.S. interpreters

TikkTalk is an open marketplace for interpretation services:
a platform where interpreters can offer their services directly to clients, and the clients can connect with interpreters one-on-one.

Be a part of TikkTalk’s American adventure

We want to make the lives of American interpreters easier, and we want you to join us on the journey!

Send us an email at and we’ll add you to our Trello Board where we discuss things like:

  1. How does interpretation booking work for you today?
  2. Which services should TikkTalk integrate with to make your life easier?
  3. How much information should we request from a customer before contacting you for an assignment?

We’d love to hear your stories, and build a product that gives your customers the smoothest experience ever.


Use TikkTalk as your freelance base of operations and choose your own assignments. Set your own price and work from where you want. Register your skills, build your profile, and let the customers choose you. TikkTalk takes care of video/technology, scheduling, notifications and billing. And we pay you directly.

TikkTalk was founded in Norway in 2016, and this year we want to bring our success to the U.S.. We have built a great product that works in Scandinavia, but we need your help to tailor it to the American market.

Together we can make the perfect tool for American interpreters!

Join TikkTalk

Register on TikkTalk with your email address and phone number, and we will keep you informed of new assignments.

You can also sign up using your Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or Microsoft accounts. It is completely free and non-binding to register.

Laptop, tablet and mobile phone showing TikkTalk's logo and sign in
TikkTalk checks all uploaded certifications

Tell us about your Skills!

TikkTalk was built for the Norwegian market, and we know which certifications and courses are valid here.

Now we need your help to know which certifications you have, and how to offer them to our customers.

Direct booking pages

On TikkTalk customers can book you directly, or they can post general assignments that you can apply for. But we don’t know what you need to know before being able to accept an assignment.

How much information should we request from a customer before contacting you? How can we make booking as easy as possible for you?

On TikkTalk customers can post their requirements from our website
Three interpreters, Interpreters can choose to make an offer, or ignore assignments

Interpreters get notifications

TikkTalk sends email, SMS and mobile app notifications to make sure interpreters are informed when a relevant assignment appears. How do you like your alerts and notifications?

What should we consider when connecting different parties for assignments?

The interpreters apply for the assignment

We want you to be in control, and we want you to pick your own assignments.

As a freelance platform, we can either build a product where we auto-book your time and send you a schedule, or we send you assignments and let you pick ones that match your qualifications. What are your preferences?

Customers receive offers and can decide whom to hire
Customers hire the interpreter that fits best

Customers award the assignment

We work with hospitals, police, city counties, lawyers and many other businesses and institutions, all of whom have a slightly different approach to booking or procurement.

We’d love to hear your stories, and built a product that gives your customers the smoothest experience ever.

Attend the assignment

This is the most important part of the process, and the interpreters time to shine!

TikkTalk supports video including Cisco, Skype for Business, WebRTC and mobile apps. We can add more features, you just have to name them!

Two woman illustrating that on TikkTalk, you can attend meetings on video, phone, in-person or from a secure room
A laptop and a mobile phone illustrating that you can either pay with credit card or invoice, and interpreters get paid directly into your bank account


On TikkTalk, customers pay via a credit card from anywhere in the world. But are there other ways that your customers prefer paying? Which payment methods should we support to truly support customers from the U.S.?

Get paid

TikkTalk takes care of all payments, and consolidates all your invoices into one. We do this by acting on your behalf and invoicing each and every one of your customers individually. Let us know how your prefer getting paid.

Be part of the future: Let's TikkTalk

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