TikkTalk’s 2016 in numbers

Picture of TikTalk logo with the number 2016 underneath
It’s been a great first year for TikkTalk. We founded the company in February, went to market in July, and saw huge growth by December. It’s not easy being a tech company in a mostly non-tech industry, but we think we are doing well so far with changing the face of interpretation. We already have big plans for 2017 – but we’ve also allowed ourselves a quick look back at what made 2016 so good:

1. A record number of signups

Cake graphs showing how many interpreters has signes up to TikkTalk
Cake graphs showing how many customers that signed up to TikkTalk in 2016

With every quarter of 2016, we have had exponential growth of signups. It’s great to see interpreters and customers flocking to our platform.

From only a handful when we started in February, we now have a huge stable of interpreters, as well as customers from across public and private sectors.

2. A constant growth of new languages

Illustrations showing all languages and language combinations TikkTalk provide thorugh their platform at the end of 2016

Interpreters in Norway speak a huge range of languages. And we are growing the number of languages on our platform almost every week.

Most of our work is to and from Norwegian. But we also offer several languages to and from English – and even combinations like Turkish to Swahili or Russian to Vietnamese.

3. A global reach

Map of the world, countries where interpreters have registered with Tikktalk is marked in red

We are a global company. With video technology and a digital platform, interpreters can sign up and work from anywhere in the world.

So far, we have interpreters from 27 different countries, and we keep getting signups from new places around the world. This means that customers now have access to a much larger range of interpreters than ever before.

4. A consistent level of high quality interpretations

Cake graph showing assignments conducted (75% level 1-5 interpreters)

Interpreters that are used in Norway are unfortunately not always as qualified as they should be – even in cases where certification is required by law.

At TikkTalk, however, as much as 75 per cent of assignments so far have been performed by level 1 to 3 interpreters. And customers always know which level interpreter they are getting.

5. Tech, tech and more tech

Illustration showig fun facts of company: hours spent coding, hours spent on design, lines of codes written, tests done on site

We are a tech company at heart. We just happen to work with interpretation.

And just like for any other service that has gone digital – be it hotel booking, air travel, grocery shopping or anything else – there has been a lot of hard labour behind to scenes to make the technology work.

All that coding, testing, design and coffee, is what has made TikkTalk the great company it now is. And we couldn’t be more proud of it.

2016 was great, but 2017 will be even better!

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