Open house at Oslo Science Park

On Thursday 2 February, Oslo Science Park is opening its doors. Across six floors, the park hosts some of Norway’s most exciting tech companies and research institutions.

Gathering of people at the Oslo Science Park

As one of the park’s growing tech startups, TikkTalk will speak at the event. We have long been connected to StartupLab, Norway’s leading tech incubator and one of the park’s foremost tenants. For the last few months, we have also been working from the medtech incubator Aleap, alongside Oslo MedTech. Ever since TikkTalk was founded, it’s been invaluable for us to be a part of such a knowledgeable and engaging environment.

From 2.30pm, our CEO, Gautam, will speak about how TikkTalk is using new technology to solve old problems. Every day, we work hard to find the best solutions for the interpretation sector in Norway and beyond. We want to tell people how we work with technology for interpretation, and also learn more from other innovative companies.

Man smiling

Gautam Chandna, TikkTalk’s CEO and one of the three co-founders. When Oslo Science Park opens its doors, Gautam will present TikkTalk’s work.

If you want to learn more about how TikkTalk works to transform the interpretation sector, we would love to hear from you. Please leave a message below or get in touch with us on Facebook.

We want to hear from you! Leave a message here.

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The difference between interpreters and translators: Don’t mix them up!

Many people use the terms interpreter and translator interchangeably. But although the two perform similar tasks, there is a vast difference in skills, training and between the professions.

A woman and a man looking at a computer screen

What is an interpreter?

Interpreters deal with spoken language and translate orally. They listen to a speaker in one language, understand the content and context of what is being said, then explain it for the target audience in a second language. 

Typically, they are engaged by public institutions such as hospitals, police and immigration agencies. But they are also used a lot in the private sector, for multilingual business meetings – in video or in person – by law firms, and in a range of international markets. And they are also used by individuals who need to communicate with others in a language they don’t speak.

Which skills do interpreters need?

An interpreter must possess extraordinary listening skills and be able to process and memorise the words that a speaker is saying, while simultaneously outputting the translation of the words the speaker said five to ten seconds ago. It is also important for interpreters to have social skills that enable them to read situations on the spot and keep their neutral standing at all times.

Since interpreters translate on the spot without dictionaries or other supplemental reference material, they must have thorough knowledge of the subject at hand, be intimately familiar with different cultures, and have extensive vocabulary in both languages. 

In Norway there is only one official certification for interpreters. Many interpretation agencies offer internal courses for interpreters, but these are very different from an official certification. You can read more about education for interpreters in Norway here (in Norwegian), and about TikkTalk’s openness about all interpreters’ qualification levels here.

Illustrations of a man and a woman greeting a female interpreter

What is a translator?

Translators converts written words from one language to another. They use dictionaries or other reference materials to translate original material clearly and correctly so the target audience will understand it.

A translator must understand the source language and culture of the country where the text originated, as well as the target language. Where interpreters are able to add additional explanations if something is unclear in a spoken conversation, translators only have one opportunity to get their meaning across.

Which skills do translators need?

Since the goal of a translator is to have the target audience read the translation as if it were the original text, the translator needs to write well and clearly, all while keeping facts and ideas accurate. 

Aside from all of the differences in skills, interpreters and translators both have a love of language and a passion for conveying meaning to people who would otherwise not understand the information at hand.

TikkTalk logo, slogan "let's tikktalk" and a picture of a smiling interpreter

So, many people have a misunderstanding as to what interpreters and translators are. The terms are often used synonymously without realising the difference between interpreters and translators.

Unfortunately, we don’t work with translators, but if you are an interpreter searching for new opportunities and assignments, take a look around the TikkTalk website.

With TikkTalk you can connect to businesses and individuals in need of interpretation services. Become part of our growing community of interpreters and exchange your ideas and expertise with colleagues:

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Slush 2016: TikkTalk joins Europe’s leading startups

TikkTalk is joining Europe’s leading startups at Slush 2016 in Helsinki this week. We look forward to two full days with some of the most exciting tech companies out there.

If you’re in Helsinki, let us know and we’ll see you at Slush! Nähdään siellä!

Slush 2016

Slush is one of Europe’s largest events for tech startups and investors. Last year, it gathered over 15.000 attendees from over 100 different countries – and this year is expected to be even bigger.

We’re sending our CEO, Gautam, to represent TikkTalk and spread the word about our interpretation services. We’re transforming interpretation with innovative technology, and Slush is a great place for making new contacts and getting inspiration.

Digital technology has already completely changed the way we travel, order food, and many other parts of our daily lives. And it’s exciting to see all the other sectors that are about to change – including interpretation.

Business interpretation

As a new face on the interpretation scene, TikkTalk was recently featured in Norway’s largest business newspaper, Dagens Næringsliv (DN), with a great article about our team member Mohamad.

The DN story also featured Gautam’s insights about what makes a good startups employee, including strong motivation and core values – and loads of flexibility.

For us, these are also important business values. They drive us forward and help us make TikkTalk the highest quality interpretation service, with the best interpreters at the best price.

We offer interpreters more opportunities for work. And we offer businesses the easiest solution for finding the qualities they need in interpreters.

If you need interpreters powered by the most innovative technology in the industry, sign up here today.

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