Slush 2016: TikkTalk joins Europe’s leading startups

TikkTalk is joining Europe’s leading startups at Slush 2016 in Helsinki this week. We look forward to two full days with some of the most exciting tech companies out there.

If you’re in Helsinki, let us know and we’ll see you at Slush! Nähdään siellä!

Slush 2016

Slush is one of Europe’s largest events for tech startups and investors. Last year, it gathered over 15.000 attendees from over 100 different countries – and this year is expected to be even bigger.

We’re sending our CEO, Gautam, to represent TikkTalk and spread the word about our interpretation services. We’re transforming interpretation with innovative technology, and Slush is a great place for making new contacts and getting inspiration.

Digital technology has already completely changed the way we travel, order food, and many other parts of our daily lives. And it’s exciting to see all the other sectors that are about to change – including interpretation.

Business interpretation

As a new face on the interpretation scene, TikkTalk was recently featured in Norway’s largest business newspaper, Dagens Næringsliv (DN), with a great article about our team member Mohamad.

The DN story also featured Gautam’s insights about what makes a good startups employee, including strong motivation and core values – and loads of flexibility.

For us, these are also important business values. They drive us forward and help us make TikkTalk the highest quality interpretation service, with the best interpreters at the best price.

We offer interpreters more opportunities for work. And we offer businesses the easiest solution for finding the qualities they need in interpreters.

If you need interpreters powered by the most innovative technology in the industry, sign up here today.

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